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Schmidt und Kaiser for DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO

Schmidt und Kaiser for DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO

The Localisation Research Centre's 10th Annual Localisation Conference was the venue for the presentation of the 2005 LRC Best Global Website Award, sponsored by the world's largest interactive marketing agency, Euro RSCG 4D.

In an unprecedented move the judging panel unanimously decided to present the LRC Best Global Website Award 2005 ex aequo to and / was developed by Schmidt und Kaiser for DaimlerChrysler and the UNESCO. The site provides information in four languages on the importance of cultural diversity, as well as seeks to promote intercultural dialogue, understanding and exchange among young people. It has been very successful and so far more than 25,000 students have participated in the project. (Click to visit site)

eOne / was developed by eOne for Hotel Axel. The site is part of a multilingual e-marketing campaign for a hotel based in Barcelona. It consists on an online game playable in five languages that reproduces a virtual wedding for either heterosexual or homosexual couples. (Click to visit site)

The judging panel commented that "The Mondialogo web-based initiative sets the example for what private and public sector organisations can achieve when they work together. It presents a mutually rewarding project for two well-known organisations …. the Axelbeaqueen4aday website is a small multilingual micro site with outstanding visual impact. The key fact that made it a winner is that it demonstrates that anyone can produce a cohesive well-localised site, no matter how big the budget they have is."

The panel also decided to give special mentions to three sites for their outstanding contribution to multilingual and multicultural web design:

Maison de la France
This website offers an impressive array of languages with an amazing wealth of up-to-date content. Content is adapted to each of the markets, and localised to a very high degree. It is a great example of excellence in localisation. (Click to visit site)

Telekia Newmedia
The Comarcalia website demonstrates that web directories do not need to be dry and boring. All the information is easily accessible in all available languages and the navigation is clear and intuitive, making use of maps and other interactive elements to facilitate searches. (Click to visit site)

Mercury Interactive
The Mercury website was chosen as a finalist in recognition of the elegant way that the localised versions of the site have been seamlessly integrated into the design of the main site, and because of the user-friendly navigation that allows easy access to information in all languages. (Click to visit site)

The LRC Best Global Website Award is sponsored by Euro RSCG 4D Digital.

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