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The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

2006: The Danish Broadcasting CorporationThe winner of the 2006 LRC Best Global Website Award, sponsored by Euro RSCG 4D, was announced at the 11th Annual Internationalisation and Localisation Conference organised by the Localisation Research Centre on 25th October 2006.

The 2006 Best Global Website Award review panel consisted of eminent experts in the area of marketing, web design, internationalisation and localisation from Euro RSCG 4D, STAR Servicios Lingüísticos, the Localisation Research Centre and the Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP).

The jury have decided that the winner of this year's edition is, a website initiative undertaken by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

The initiative seeks to promote cross-cultural communication between the young speakers of the different Scandinavian languages through a common interest in hip-hop music. The website is rich in multimedia content with video clips, sound recordings, interviews, and it is creatively very well adapted to its target audience. The website was also chosen as an outstanding example of a non English-centric localisation and for its ability of bringing cultures and languages together while reasserting their identity. All texts are available in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. The site also includes examples of local Nordic dialects such as those of the Faroe Islands or Greenland, thus protecting minority languages within a modern context. Videos tend not to be subtitled, but this is part of the intent of making young people who speak mutually intelligible languages communicate with each other within their cultural background rather than through English.

The navigation is efficient and user-friendly and it is possible to go to the homepage of another language from any page.

The panel also decided to give a special mention to due to its ability to convey an enormous amount of up-to-date technical information to its target audience in 17 languages, offering them an invaluable support service in the field of satellite dish technology. The website is user friendly, efficiently organised, rich in pictures and open to user contributions. It is possible to jump from one language to the other while staying on the same page. Not least, the site is commendable for managing to obtain such brilliant results with just voluntary work.

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The LRC Best Global Website Award is sponsored by Euro RSCG 4D Digital.

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