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Berne Economic Development Agency

Berne Economic Development Agency

The main focus of our activities is support for companies in the Canton of Berne. Sound and viable companies are the backbone of every economy – and in the Canton of Berne small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly strongly represented. The Canton’s point of contact for businesses offers a wide range of services oriented towards their needs and supports them with advice and financial services. We are committed to ensuring that all your contacts with the cantonal administration lead quickly to the realization of your projects.

In order to enhance sustainable economic development, we market the Canton of Berne abroad as a location for business, primarily in Germany, France and the USA, in collaboration with the organization Location:Switzerland. We provide information about the advantages of the Canton of Berne and canvass for potential investors in the fields of precision technology, telematics, medical technology, services, environmental technology and design.

We work together with the federal administration, other cantons, cities and municipalities in the Canton of Berne. For specialist areas of expertise which we do not cover, we work with partners who offer specialized services at BEDA’s request.

Our activity is based on the Economic Development Act, which entered into force on January 1st 1998, and which specifies the main focuses of our activity and our areas of responsibility.


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